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Worth the Fight

Cheyenne is a stunning 20-year-old model/videographer attempting to start over on her own in Los Angeles. With a twisted, secretive family more concerned about money and status than love, Cheyenne's all too eager to escape their confines. Frank is a troubled, jaded 27-year-old MMA fighter with many layers. A painful past and a litany of mistakes made, Frank has built up walls that shield him from the world. Their paths are about to cross in an explosive way. Can they fight to make it or will they let their pasts destroy them?

Faith of the Heart

Sometimes blind faith is all you can depend on.

The Last Noel

Christmas in the Daniels' household has always been a big deal. Growing up, Noel learned to love it, but as she prepares to spend one last Christmas at home before leaving for culinary school in France, will her last Christmas be her undoing, or will Anthony, her suddenly back in town,hot but obnoxious ex-boyfriend? Throw in a temperamental younger sister & an overly cheery mother and you've got one Christmas to remember!

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Eliza (Contest story preview.)

When Caroline Dalton moved into an old fixer upper farmhouse she was counting on some strange guests; raccoons, squirrels, spiders. The spirit of an angry teenage girl was not among them. When confronted with the sad, dark truth about her passing, can Caroline help set a restless young soul free or only uncover secrets that run much deeper than anyone knows?

Then Came You

The last thing on earth Alana wants to do is go back home to help her stepmother with a business venture. Her crying wallet, however, says otherwise. Alana returns only to find her already dysfunctional family falling into madness with their antics. There's also the matter of Alexander, her father's employee and the most infuriatingly handsome man Alana has ever met. It's just one Summer, what could possibly happen?